Wellhead and Welding Technicians

Wellhead Installation and Heating Services

Quality Preheats Well Head division has provided our services offshore, on inland barge and on land thru out the gulf coast region and abroad for the last 17 years. We have a wide client base that includes both domestic and international exploration and production companies. Quality Preheats Welders and Preheat technicians are highly skilled in wellhead installation, preheating and stress relieving. We will preheat, weld and test with nitrogen or hot oil, as part of our standard installation of your wellhead. All of Quality's welders are ASME IX certified and both Welders and Preheat Technicians are trained and certified up to and beyond industry standards. Offshore, on land or on inland barge, our experienced Welders and Preheat Technicians are well equipped and will get your job done safely.


  • Wellhead Installation
  • Nitrogen or hot oil Testing
  • Beveling Bands and Torch Crawlers available
  • Includes a Preheat box stocked with everything to do the job
  • Emergency Response Heating Services
  • Wellhead Heating
  • Removal of Stuck Test Plug and Tubing Hangers
  • Stress Relieving
  • Emergency Response


  • ASME IX Certified
  • Trainedbeyond industry standards
  • Will Weld, Preheat, and Install your wellhead
  • Will Test with nitrogen or hot oil
  • Trained in proper stress relieving techniques for different metals
  • Can do general welding when required

Preheat Technicians:

  • Trained beyond industry standards
  • Trained in proper stress relieving techniques for different metals
  • Trained as a Welders Helper