Vacuum Installation Technicians

Vacuum Installation

Quality Preheat will come to your rig location (onshore or offshore) and depending on your needs, we will pipe in either temporary or permanent plumbing/vacuum for your vacuum system.  Installing temporary plumbing, which requires the use 2” extra thick PVC and 2” brass suction ports, is perfecct for the rig that is always moving. When you move our technicians will come and remove all plumbing and ports and save them for the following job. We can install suction ports on almost any part of your rig. (Shakers, mud house, rig floor and any other locations you want or feel is necessary)

For a more permanant solution to your plumbing/vacuum needs, a technician will come out and survey your rig to decide the best course of action and materials to be used.

Our certified technicians’ will do the job quickly, safely and to your satisfaction, guaranteed.